1.] Who we are?

1.1] Pointzoone.com is an online advertising agent that offers unique services and experiences for visitors. Pointzoone.com gives valuable demand for advertiser's ads and, gives the hand for website users to earn high revenue.

1.2] Pointzoone.com website, operates under the view of a qualified and talented IT Technologies'. Pointzoone.com web site has expanded internationally and it has the largest pool of advertisers and group users.

1.3] Pointzoone.com website is a social development targeted website. It provides the most effective services to the clients, and by the customers viewing each add, the client earn money though the Pointzoone.com website as "ads - see-earning concept". The Client has the option of sharing their company products and services with the website visitors, based on "Present - ads - concept".

1.4] Pointzoone.com is a trusted partner for both of advertisers and the website users.

2.] Our Service

2.1] PAY - PER - CLICK (PPC) - Earn Money,
Pointzoone.com website provide an attractive way to make money by viewing commercial ads. It can know as pay per click What is this Pay per click?
I t is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to website, in which an publisher pays a viewer when the ad is clicked. Objective of Pay per click
The Main objective of our company is to reduce the income disparity in our country by adding value to the users valuable time who visit our website How is this ?
Though this earning plan, we present advertisement of our client companies and given the points to the viewer behalf of viewing the ads. This allow you to make more money without spending lot of time and effort. We provide the fair value for your valuable time, so that you can strengthen your own economy and the economy of country in general and build a clear future

2.2] Reload system,
Online reloading service also offered though our website. This enables anyone to reload any money at any time form any location. We are responsible to ensuring the safety of our Users.

2.3] Bill Payment,
Our website provide the service to pay any bill at any time, any where and any situation.
Main Purpose.
Our main purpose is to protect our Users from any difficulties they may face. there is no unnecessary time consuming , no extra expenses and no time wasted when paying the bills. this enable you to pay any kind of bill quickly. We are obligated to fulfill your requirement as soon as you have given your orders. We know after pay the some kind of bill, it updated in two or three days later, but once you pay the bill though our website, the payment updated. As a company we aim to serve your needs well and facilitate day to day operations.

2.4] E- Mail Marketing,
Email marketing is most effective advertising strategies and marketing technique provide by our website. Emails are a great way to connect with your current and potential customers.
Nature of the service.
It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.
Through this service we send newsletters, information about our affiliated companies products or services, and deals tailored to different segments of customer audience.
We assure you that this is an effective way to get more money in less time by paying less money.
Service provide by us:
. enhancing a merchant's relationship with current or previous customers of our client companies
. encouraging customer loyalty .
. acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and sharing our clients ads.

2.5] OMEP (Online marketing event promotion
In modern world an effective way to promote particular event, program, service or good is awareness of the potential customer thought the internet.
How much effort, time and money do you put into organizing and promoting your event and programs?
To overcome this difficulties, we will assist you with effective promotion program.
If you choose our website to promote your company event or program such as new year function, sport meet blood donation, live concert, musical show etc , we distribute your program details , advertisement ,news etc. among our users in all over sri lanka. As well as with this you can promote your program or event to large number of peoples while the spending less money, less time and less effort.

Socially as a company we aim to fulfill our company social ethics by promoting the program and event of your company that serve the community wellbeing.

3.] General Conditions

3.1] Our ad viewing service must be renewed every eight months and a business plan must be purchased for it.

3.2] Pointzoone.com advise you , that only you should view all the advertisements and it should not be delegated to anybody else. Similarly, viewing any other members' advertisements by you, is also prohibited.

3.3] You should view all the advertisements offered to you within the week depending on the Business plan you purchased.

3.4] Company may implement various different measures time to time in order to confirm whether you do it according to instructions given. (Please note here, that the whole purpose of this exercise is, the company assures the advertisers, that these advertisements are viewed by so many number of members and therefore, the company needs to conform the assurance given to the Advertising companies.)

3.5] Suspension / Termination of Membership, If you are proved to be guilty for at least one of the following illegal offences, then Pointzoone.com. reserves the authority and right to terminate your membership.

3.5.1] If you delegate your viewing of advertisement to any other party.

3.5.2] when checking by the Company, if you are proved to be guilty in not viewing the Advertisements by yourself.

3.5.3] Upon receiving a credible complaint against you and after a thorough investigation on matter concerned, if you found guilty.

3.5.4] If you fail to work according to the Business plan continuously for 45 days.

3.5.5] If you try to convince the new prospective members by giving incorrect information about the company and its' earnings

3.5.6] Involving in any illegal activity which would tarnish the image and reputation of Pointzoone.com.

3.6] A business plan purchased for viewing ads may not be repurchased before the service expires within eight months.

3.7] Due to an unavoidable circumstances, if the company is compelled to terminate this Business opportunity, then the member will get the difference between the amount he/sheAmount paid for the service at the beginning for purchasing the Business plan/plans and the amount he/she received at the time of closure.

3.8] During the period of membership, if the member expires, the amount due to him/her could be requested by a beneficiary who had been assigned by the member before or his/her close relative proved through an affidavit. However, the final decision in this regard lies on the company.

3.9] The Pointzoone.com strongly advises to the members to not to engage in this business by stopping his/her present employment of earning opportunity. However , if any person does that, in case of any member being suspended or terminated by the company, the company will not be held responsible for economical loss of his/her earnings.

3.10] All purchased items (Upgrade fees for memberships (if any)/Add funds/Purchase of Business plans or other ads package(s)/) are non-refundable (NO REFUND).

3.11] Pointzoone.com will never provide personal information about its members to third parties without the consent of the member unless required by law.

3.12] Your information collected is used for communication of Pointzoone.com with the members and will not be sold to any other company.

3.13] Copyright Material, All branding, logos and graphics contained within Pointzoone.com are copyright use; distribution or copying of such content is expressly prohibited. Pointzoone.com provides members with approved material for marketing within the members area.

3.14] Any Member who engages in chat, email, postings or any other medium, content that is deemed damaging to Pointzoone.com and/or its members may result in the termination of your membership with Pointzoone.com. Depending on seriousness, Pointzoone.com may deem it appropriate to exercise legal action.

3.15] In case, if either party violates the rules and conditions mentioned in this, then the other party has the right and ability to take legal action against the other.

3.16] Pointzoone.com reserves the right to update, modify, add or change the terms and conditions without notice.